Monday, 5 February 2007

Inside Out March/April Issue

Inside the March/April issue of Inside Out magazine my favourite artist, David Bromley has been featured in an eight page spread as per the picture above. Tonight I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this month's much anticipated issue. I don't know if any of you are like me; whenever my magazines arrive in the mail I have an instant rush of adrenalin due to my overwhelming excitement. Everyone at Black & Spiro knows not to disturb me when a new issue of a magazine arrives as my usual ritual involves an immediate flick through and then I put it down and resist it all day until I get home at night when I have the time to be able to sit down, relax and enjoy every single page. Inside Out March/April issue is out now.


Anonymous said...

Funny, this is exactly my magazine ritual. First a quick flip through, and then wait until I get home, where I can relax and have a moment for myself (with a large pot of tea and cookies. These are my favourite moments!

Jo Walker said...

I thought of you the moment I saw the David Bromley story. I couldn't wait to devour my copy the moment I pulled it from the news stand.

Anonymous said...

I love those big portrait heads!

Anonymous said...

oversize art is a fav or mine! It looks like a fantastic issue!