Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Afternoon

Most Sunday afternoons you will find us lounging around our garden whilst our 2 boys play.  I couldn't think of a better or more comfortable chair to lounge in than in a couple of fabulous Stuart Membery cane verandah armchairs.  There's even a spot to put your glass on one arm and the newspaper or ipad on the other arm. 


PS - We have a few of these great chairs in stock at Black & Spiro.


Unknown said...

I totally love Stuart Membery furniture!!

Unknown said...

Hi Anna, these are beautiful! Will save my pennies and dream of sunny afternoons! After the last week of wind and rain it seems like we will never have one again!

miss b said...

Lovely chairs - even better knowing that they have space to hold a drink and newspaper - a perfect way to relax on a Sunday!

The House That A-M Built said...

Beautiful. What a lovely spot.
A-M xx


These are just gorgeous. perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon drink !

Anonymous said...

Meant to say, just picked up an amazing vase from Ben Pentreath , thanks to you!