Thursday, 8 March 2012

Help Me Name My Trellis Wallpaper

Here's a box full of my wallpaper designs for Porters Paints.  It's getting very close with all the designs now signed off and colourways chosen.  If you have dropped into our store of late you will know that our back 2 rooms are currently closed as we are redecorating them around my new wallpaper collection.   We will also be photographing these rooms in the coming weeks as they will be used in the advertising for the new collection.  There is exciting times ahead I promise!! 

Here's a little sneak peek below of some of the designs and colourways....

It's hard to see in this picture however, I wanted the collection to have a beautiful hand-drawn look.  I didn't want it to look like it had been generated by a computer.  My favourite design is going to be called - Round and Round the Garden and it isn't in the picture above.  You will have to wait until we launch in a couple of months time to see it.  The trellis is yet to be named and the stripe is going to be called Higgledy Piggledy Stripe. 

I was thinking it might be fun for you, my readers to name the trellis!!  What do you think?  I am opening this up to you and I hope that you will leave your ideas for the trellis name here in the comments section of this post.  The person who thinks of the name I select will be sent 3 free rolls of my wallpaper in any colour/design they choose and this is open to readers anywhere in the world. 

Please make sure you leave your email address when you leave your idea in the comments section below so that I can contact you!!

If you are unable to leave a comment here, then just email me - and I will add your idea into the comment section below fo you.

The 3 free rolls will be sent out just after we launch the collection in a couple of months time.  However, I need to decide on a name in the next week so this is open until next Friday 16th March, 2012.

Hope you will join in the fun!!




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Anna Spiro said...

Lucy from Shanghai has suggested Tra-la-la Trellis

gen [at] WILLOWfragrance said...

These are stunning!! Amazing stuff congrats! x

Tina of Koukla House said...

Bellissimo Trellissimo. Love the colours Anna!

Studio said...

What about Social Climber.

collaborative edge said...

In keeping with your nursery rhyme theme..... How about 'along came a spider...' or of course...'incy wincy spider...'

This is such an exciting venture Anna. All the very best. Kate

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna

Just read your blog (as I do!) and can't help but think "overzealous trellis! "

Good luck
Nat, Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna
Wallpaper looks fabulous - it made me think of a possible name...
'I'm jealous of your trellis'

I am already loving reading all the suggestions!!

All the best with the collection.


Rebecca said...

They are just lovely, and I love the colour ways!
I think "Diamond in the Rough" would be a great name- the diamond motif really stands out to me.

Melissa said...

Hi Anna,
In staying true to the children's theme of your other titles, "Jack and the Beanstalk Trellis"....

Enjoy the fun!

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna

First, I must say a love your Blog, only discovered it late last year .. wonderful.

My suggestion for the Trellis Wallpaper is:


Best Wishes,

Maureen Trickett-Thomas

Balmoral Beach, Mosman NSW

Interior Design Musings said...

OK, totally fabulous designs! Can't wait to see the rest. For the trellis, I'm thinking "La Tee Da Labyrinth." Mandi

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Love 'em! Especially the colorways!

Tipsy toe trellis

Trellypso (play on calypso)

vdumas said...

Since the pattern looks like latticework how about a play on words with that.. Lattice Make you Smile.


Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,
Was thinking of your beautiful garden and thought why not "Anna's Trellis?" Or in place of your name your dear mothers name (which has slipped my mind, apologies)_______ trellis or your grandmothers name _______trellis Can't wait to finally visit your store in person.

leanne said...

gorgeous designs and colours, so exciting.

My suggestion is hickory dickory trellis!

Anonymous said...

Anna's Maze as a play on Ariadne.

gayatri said...

'trail me'.how's that?

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

...Traipsing Trellis...

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna!
Just adding an idea for your beautiful wallpaper..
"Ring A Ring A Rosie"
I really love them all!

Anne Boykin said...

Anna, I suggest Parterre Trellis because the lines remind me of formal boxwood hedges. Love your blog. Anne

Megan W said...

Show me your trellis :)

Nicki said...

Hi Anna

They look fab!
Nicki x

Brown Button Trading said...

This is so incredibly exciting Anna - your own wallpaper range. I'm thinking my little study/office/studio/work room at my home needs some Spiro/porters paints goodness! - you've already had some awesome name ideas - good luck deciding!
This is the plan - next time up in Brissie, help me choose the wallpaper for the best room in my new house! Kimberlee xx

Daryl Wark said...

Hi Anna,
wonderful wallpaper. I can't wait to see your favourite!.
Now a name? Im thinking...............................................
"Eye of the be-holder", or
"catch me if you can"or
"un-lock my trellis"

I love the pink Trellis one best.

Warm wishes,
Daryl Wark

mb said...

I like Peekaboo You! The dots remind me of eyes peering through lattice to see something beautiful on the other side ...

Margarita P. said...

I vote for simply "Sydney Trellis".

pve design said...

Fret it.

foget-me-not fretwork



sherie said...

Gorgeous Anna ..... I like ....

Anna's Treilage

x sherie

Suzanne {backonfestiveroad} said...

Hi Anna, love your wallpapers. Carrying on with the nursery rhyme theme also, how about "Like a diamond in the sky" or "twinkle, twinkle little star".

Petra Tamme said...

Hi Anna - I avidly await each of your blog entries and love all your photos and news. Good luck with your new wallpaper!

How about "Absolutely Trellis" for the trellis design.

Petra Tamme said...

Hi Anna -- Can't wait to see photos on your blog of the new wallpapered rooms in your shop!

How about "Absolutely Trellis" for the trellis pattern.

Katherine said...

Fiddle Dee Dee or Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Thea said...

Congratulations on your new collection. Your trellis designs reminds me of a maze so I'm thinking something along the lines of "Trellis A-maze-ment"

melinda said...

I love all of the wallpaper prints. The trellis reminds of a maze. Perhaps " Amazing Grace".

collaborative edge said...

I'm having another go Anna.... My thoughts now go botanical...trellises and beautiful climbers... Love Passiflora or Passionvine....

Natasha @ Northern Light Design said...

Trellis Spiro...
or is that too obvious?

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna

Congratulations on the wallpaper! What fun. When I look at the trellis paper I see 'Garden Gate'.


Anna Spiro said...

Trellis Envy
Trellisy Jealousy
Happy Trellis
Once Upon A Trellis
Lines Were Meant to be Crossed

Love your blog! xx


Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna, I enjoy your website and love the new paper- so here's an idea for the trellis paper- "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend Trellis"- I hope I win.
Thanks, Jade

Anna Spiro said...

Hi there Anna,

Congratulations on your lovely wallpaper collection. How about Juliet's Trellis as a name. After the trellis that might have been under Juliet's balcony. Your design actually looks like the layout of a formal Italian or French garden though, so Italian Garden or French Garden might also be nice. I hope I'm not overdoing it with the suggestions but I'm keen to win!

Best wishes,

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,

I think you're wallpaper designs are amazing - kudos! I also like how you are using clever names. For the trellis style, I think it should be "walk like an Egyptian"

Jennifer Barr

The see thru house said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The see thru house said...

Hi Anna,

Congratulations, your designs are

'Absolutely Up There' ;)

or 'Lucy In The Sky' ...with diamonds of course!!


Brenda said...

Great colours and I really like that it doesn't look computer generated. MAZING would be my suggestion......B:)

Kate said...

Anna! This is so exciting, what a thrill for you! Think my 'nook' in my little place could do with a splash of Spiro magic!

What fun to get your followers to help with naming your trellis! Love the angle you've taken with the names so far, gorgeous.

Here's my two bobs worth . . .

Merry go trellis
Eensy weensy Spiro
Pocket full of posies Trellis
Melody Trellis
But a dream Trellis
Sugar and spice
Twinkle twinkle trellis

Good luck and here's to a smooth coming month for you - I bet it's hectic all the same!!!

Kate x

Tenia said...

Anna I simply love everything you do and this is so fun!
twining trellis
summer house trellis
garden gate trellis
paper lantern trellis
peace, love, & trellis
trellis du jour

Can't wait to see what you choose.

Anna Spiro said...

Trellis wallpaper always reminds me of the sets in the film My Fair Lady. Perhaps you can name it after one of the characters:

Eliza's Garden
Doolittle Trellis
Mother Higgins' Vines
Climbing Pygmalion

Anna Spiro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anna Spiro said...

Woops - sorry I accidently put in James' phone number in the above {now} deleted comment as it was on the bottom of the email they sent me. I have deleted it for privacy and I have re-posted the comment below.


Anna Spiro said...

some names
'criss-cross' , 'crissy crossy', 'sillert' , 'climb' ,
'lose yourself'

best JG.
m i x e d b u s i n e s s

creative director of styling,
illustration, fine art
& paper sculpture.

Anna Spiro said...

ONCE UPON A SQUIGGLE (In keeping with your other names that are whimsical, fairytale like to me…)

GEE-O-FABULOUS or GEE-O-FANTASTIC (as in Geometric and Gee I'm fantastic)


Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna

Your beautiful wallpaper reminds me of a maze. Maybe .. Max's Magic Maze and then of course you would have to name another using Harry's name :-)



Anna Spiro said...

I don't know why there is another comment deleted above! Sorry! I didn't mean to delete any others!! eeekK!


Anna Spiro said...


Sorry I couldnt find comment section for trellis naming ideas, here are a few that i thought of.
Espalier treillage
treillage en voûte
trellis shadows
climbing trellis roses
The trellis room
Wisteria trellis

Thanks for the blogging and keeping our world filled with treasures and ideas!

Happy Friday


Unknown said...

How about Mazey Trellis (since it looks sort of like a maze). I love it, by the way.

Jordan - Queen of LA! said...

this is so fun! longtime reader firsttime commenter here all the way from los angeles california!

what about....
- a trellis treat
- trells bells
- all wound up?


Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,
I love your new wallpaper range...

My two suggestions for the name of the new trellis range are "Come follow the Maze" or ""There's a surprise around every corner"

Many thanks,

Kate Quigley

The White House on Henry said...

Hi Anna,

It's all gorgeous, like everything you do!

I see "Monte Carlo" as it reminds me of my childhood......... having little tea parties eating too many Monte Carlo biscuits!!!

All the best for this fabulous range.


Unknown said...

- Ah-Mazing
- Never ending story
- Secret Garden
- Mazmerizing

terri said...

hi anna...
i love your blog with all its creative colorful content!
so excited about your wallpaper line! beautiful!
my idea for your yet to be named wallpaper is...
topsy turvy trellis
or just topsy turvy
thanks so much!

The Avarice said...

Oh what fun!! These are So fabulous!!
Here are my ganders at names:

Chutes & Ladders
The Wheels on the Bus (they look a bit like wheels with spokes and a center)

Anne said...

How about "Doodling Trellis" since it is a hand-drawn-look design?

Always love your vivid colors!

All the best!

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,

My the papers are absoluty devine! Was thinking maybe 'Moorish Trellis' - paying tribute to its historical origins and how wouldn't want more! Looking forward to your next vignette.


Dolly Chesterfield

Anne said...

How about "Doodling Trellis" since it is hand-drawn-look design?

I always love your all your beautiful colors!

All the best!

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,

Firstly I just want to say how much I love your blog, so inspirational!

A couple of suggestions for your trellis design

1. Happily Ever After
2. Garden of Eden, or, Anna’s Garden of Eden

Speaking of trellises, I bought some of your royal blue trellis fabric from your off-cuts section for some cushions and they look fantastic.


Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,

Just thought of another....Trellis in Wonderland!


The see thru house said...

Hi Anna,

I seem to recall beautiful embossed ceilings in you
delightful building, I wonder what surroundings inspired
your design here!

"Brunswick Terrace"
"Brunswick Trellis"
"Hampton Trellis"


elleanDi said...

Love them!

aMAZEing Trellis

Diamondly Trellis

Spiro's webb (Charlotte's webb)

Very exciting. All the best!
elleanDi x

Kylie Tyrrell said...

Hi anna, you have so many amazing comments already, but when I first looked at it - I thought - simply - Garden Maze! good luck I am sure they will do famously.

kylie x

Anna Spiro said...

Well done on your recent venture with Porters Paints - you must be so excited. I thought of some ideas yesterday for trellis and jotted them down...

Up the garden path

You are growing on me...

Oh grow my divine vines...

I look forward to continued reading of your blog and seeing how your 2012 evolves Anna, All the best, Ana

Anna Spiro said...

I think it should be named oriental maze!


Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,

Just thought of another....Trellis in Wonderland!


Summer and Eve said...

Wow! Congratulations on your gorgeous wallpaper.

Trumpets on my Trellis

The Trumpet Vine, perfect for the trellis and beautiful.

Janelle McCulloch said...

Summer Afternoon in Versailles.

I don't know why but it reminds me of an aerial shot of the garden paths at Versailles, and also the way you walk around and around the hedges and lakes, discovering something new!

(Also, I just like the words 'summer', 'afternoon' and 'Versailles' together!) And these colours are so summery and Anna Spiro-ish.)

But I love the other suggestions here too. Such creativity!

Janelle McCulloch | Library of Design

Stephanie Marie said...

The wallpaper is beautiful. A Tisket a Tasket (from the nursery rhyme) might go well with your other name.

Bungalowgirl said...

Down the Beanstalk is what comes to mind for me. Goes with the theme of the other two names and looks very much like a climber of some sort. Up the Beanstalk also being an option but not sure if it could be taken the wrong way. mel.

Paddy said...

Bees knees

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,

I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the lovely colour combinations you use.

My name for your trellis wallpaper is Itsy Bitsy following on in the same theme as the others (Itsy Bitsy spider).

Hope you like it.

Tasmania Australia.

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna
Congratulations on the imminent arrival of your wallpaper range. The trellis pattern is such a fresh interpretation. How about naming it "Peeking In" - always what you feel like doing when there is a screen about.
I really enjoy your blog

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,

After reading the other names you had given to the two other designs the first thing that came to mind was....One, two, buckle my shoe.

I love your blog, it is such an inspiration to me, thank you so much, keep up the great work!

Kindest regards,
Tania Parnwell

New Zealand

Anna Spiro said...

A job well done - looks great!

I love, Love, LOVE Porters!!

My suggestion is:

'Mirror, mirror on the wall'

Best wishes,


Anna Spiro said...

Dear Anna,
Some thoughts for your wallpaper name:

"Garden Maze"
"My Garden Maze"
"Lost in the maze"

To me the pattern reminds me of a garden maze and the mystery of what lies within! - much like the interior of a home.
Kind regards,
Sally Ringuet.

Anna Spiro said...

Dear Anna,

Having recently been to your wonderful store for the first time I couldn't resist a name suggestion (or three!) for your fantastic paper -

1. Through the looking glass
(because to me it looked at first like lots of reflections and holds the shape of my grandmothers antique mirror)

2. Love interlocking
(because the abstract in me thought it fit well)


3. Row-boat-a- trellis
(because within the pattern I can see row boats and oars and ripples on the surface)

What a fascinating competition this will be to judge with all of the creative entries!

Have a lovely weekend!


Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna

Jo told me about your new wallpaper and that you are looking for names … so working hard on a Friday we came up with a few (not sure if you needed it to be ‘something trellis):

Sillert Trellis Trellis backwards
Anna’s Trellis Because it is yours 
Fancy Trellis It is fancy
Sweet Pea Trellis Traditionally grown on a trellis

P.S. Could you please let me know if the Sweet Pea Trellis comes in yellow, I am looking for sunshine for my little girls (Poppy & Lulu’s) room...

Good luck with the names!

Kind regards


Anna Spiro said...

I have been waiting for these - my white walls can't wait.
My suggestion - Trellissimo!
Well done Anna.

Ali Donaldson

Anna Spiro said...

Wow - I can't believe how creative you all are!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for all of your -AH-MAZING {pardon the pun} entries! It is going to be so hard to choose a winnner!!!

Keep them coming everyone and thank you again for all of your wonderful ideas!!


Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,

I hope you can enter more than once as I have another name. The name is Boomps-a-Daisy as the pattern keeps bumping into itself.

Hope you like it.


Unknown said...

Hi Anna,
The trellis design is gorgeous! My name suggestion is: Little Bo-Peep.
Cath xo

Carla @ Inside Home Living said...

'Mary had a little maze'

fantastic designs Anna, trellis would be my fav!

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,

I think : "take me to the top" would be a good name for your beautiful and colorful wallpaper.

Best wishes for the launch



Jane Carroll

Krystal James said...

Hi Anna, Wow, I have been obsessed with Porters Paints since I was a teenager. I can not wait to see all of your designs. Congratulations.

My Idea for your wall paper trellis design is...

Dream Weaver.

Thanks Krystal James

a beautiful space said...


a beautiful space said...


Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna

Some more... After a cocktail or two:

As Romans do
High society
Game Set Match
Cocktail hour
The Bazaar

Jane Whiteoak

Sent from my iPad

Anna Spiro said...

Last one...

The garden path

Jane Whiteoak

Sent from my iPad

luise said...

Love the designs very much.

I'll suggest:

- Trella Bella
- Trellabella

..same name, different spellings :-)


Color + Light said...

How about "I spy Trellis - sigh".

What a great idea to throw this out there and see what comes back to you! Good luck......

Janna McCalley said...

it's a secret garden gate

Janna McCalley said...

how does your garden grow?

Anonymous said...

Absoulutely Beautiful Trellis

Mélanie A. said...

Hanging gardens because it is a wonder . And if there are 7 wallpapers in the collection I will call it the 7 wonders .
I love your creativity

Vickie H. said...

How wonderful for you! I am going to suggest "Brisbane Promenade" for the striped wallpaper! Can't wait to see everything! Thank you, Anna!

Ann said...

Brisbane Trellis
Australian Trellis

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna

Beautiful work, love your designs. I was thinking of "Eye Spy" for the trellis wallpaper.

Enjoy your weekend

(from Newcastle)

Anna Spiro said...


I love your blog. Very much. The images make me tingle and feel very happy. My idea for your wallpaper is "secret maze" or "giddy garden"

Thank you


Anne said...

Other ideas ;)

"Holding Hands Trellis" (the design looks like holding hands to me)

"Ring Around the Rosie" Trellis (another take on holding hands)

Sarah said...

I just went right to the end so I didn't see anyone else's names: 'Rare Squares' - hope you like it!! Sarah at

C. A. Stinson said...

Absolutely love the blog, and adore the wallpaper designs.
I am thinking, Trollope's Trellis!

Herta said...

Hi Anna,

reminds me of a potager garden... so, I like simply "potager".


Miss Nell said...

WOW your wall paper looks gorgeous!!!

Fiddle Dee Dee, climb a trellis did he!!

Good luck to all in the competition!!

Anna Spiro said...

Hello Anna,
A couple of suggestions that I have are....
1.Millefleurs Trellis...french for a thousand flowers. I have noticed how you love flowers and the colorful decor that you use.
2.Tessellations...meaning a repeat pattern composed of interlocking shapes extended infinitely...kind of liked how the word sounded and the meaning fits the design of a trellis!

Goodluck with your new line!


Anna Spiro said...

I would like to name the wall paper "On The Terrace".
I adore your blog Anna , now I am retired from work as a merchandiser , it is my favourite web site . You inspire me , unfortunately there is only so much one can do to their own home, therefore I love to see what you do to other peoples.
Kind regards, Susie Rankine

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna.

My suggestion is to name the style of the wallpaper Memories of an Endless Summer and then name each of the colours Sunset (orange), Grecian Water (blue), Fresh Cut Grass (green) and Mum's Fuchsias (pink).

Hope you like them!

Lydia B

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna

Your designs are really beautiful. I thought Serendipity would be a good name its definition is the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

Wishing you all the best with your new project.


Bernadette Russell

Anna Spiro said...

Anna gorgeous designs. How exciting for you. My suggestions for a name are:


Best of luck wih the launch.


Anna Spiro said...

Ohh make that Vivid Sunset (orange)!

From: Lydia Buchanan

Anna Spiro said...


Your wallpapers are just fab! My suggestion is:

Autumn Grape Trellis

I've fond memories of being beneath a grape trellis in autumn & autumn is the season of your launch!

Can't wait to see the other papers. A x

Sim said...




The see thru house said...

Hi Anna,

'Palace wall'
'Mirror 'Mirror'
'Wicker weave' ( we know how you love wicker furniture)

Julie x

Anna said...

Hello Trello
Zealous Trellis (say it out aloud)
Tricky Trellis
Dashing Trellis
Dashing Diamonds
Lashes of Dashes
Maybe Daisy
Diamonds are Forever
Upsy Daisy
Jiggly Wiggly Trellis

Sorry if I've done any duplicates...have tried my best not to but 120 comments was too many to remember in detail! You are going to have your work cut out for you picking a name.

Got my fingers crossed for this comp - been sitting agonising over the wallpaper for feature wall for about a year would take about three rolls to do it. Maybe this is a sign!

:) Anna

pve design said...

How about



Nuha said...

for some reason "eye of the tiger" popped into my head :-) xo

Hello Lover... said...

'Garden Gate'

'Garden Trellis'

Love it, by the way - congrats!

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes, this is a rolls royce blog! I just love it!
Agneta, a swedish one ;)

Anna Spiro said...

Wow! What creativity! They are ALL good names.

Here's mine:

Brissy Prissy Missy

Thanks, Anna!

Anna Spiro said...

Hello, I just came over to your blog by way of Cote de Texas. It is just, well, absolutely beautiful!! I love your colors and patterns. The wallpapers are gorgeous. I would suggest:
Frog Trellis (reference to frog prince and part of the design reminds me of frog legs)
Like a Diamond
Twinkle Twinkle Trellis

Will definitely be following your blog from now on! Good luck with your wallpaper venture!
Katie Bartman
Maryland, USA

Anna Spiro said...

If I may, for your competition, Id like to suggest

Max's Meandering Maze

Take care and much smiles


Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna

I live in England and have just started following your blog. I love your site and am inspired by the interesting and innovative pictures and designs you showcase. I wish I could jump on a magic carpet and whisk myself over to your lovely shop for the day!

How about 'Through the Maze' for your trellis wallpaper design? It reminds me of an English Manor House country maze and, given that you have already called one 'Round and round the garden', I thought this was in keeping with your literary fairytale and horticultural (Alice in Wonderland meets The Secret Garden??) theme. You could use some topiary trees in your store as part of your merchandising to reflect the name and bring a bit of fun.

Good luck with your project, it promises to be fab!
All the best
Kay Prestney

Rebecca said...

I haven't read through them all, so apologies if these have already been suggested:

"Keyhole Trellis"

"Come Along Trellis"

"Through the Looking Glass Trellis"


Unknown said...

Ah- maazing!!! It's my dream to have a wallpaper line so very inspired.

As for the name, I'm going to go with:

Secret Garden Trellis

The pattern is so reminiscent of the mood/feel of that book- one of my favourites!

Or...on the same track, it could also be aptly named:

Mary Lennox (Trellis)

...after the main character.


Helene said...

Hi Anna,

What about the names:

tres treillis
beau treillage

congratulations for this! absolutely love your blog!


Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna
Congratulations your wallpapers are lovely.

They would be lovely in a breakfast room or similar so my suggestions are:

'Tea Time Trellis' or
'Tea Party Trellis'

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

your wallpaper looks gorgeous!
i really love the colors :)
so cute and bright! i can definitely picture them really brightening up a room

the design on the trellis wallpaper reminds me a little of eyes so maybe i spy trellis?
or what about stop and smell the trellis? that may sound rather silly but the shape of the design reminds me a little of a stop sign :)
a trellis like this
traipse through the trellis

those are just a few random thoughts going through my head.
hope i was able to help :)

good luck with the launch of your collection!!


alyR said...

I've just got back from living in East Asia and the Middle East for the past 6 years and your blog really kept me going for a good part of that time! I recently came back to Bris and bought a house and it's filled with Anna Spiro-esque inspiration, so I must thank you for that!

I don't really have any ideas for the name of the wallpaper, except maybe:
'Trompe L'Trellis'

as its hand-drawn look is deceptive to the eye, and the name has nice alliteration!

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna

Firstly I wanted to say a big thank you, I adore your blog, I wish I were able to visit you store (I am hoping to, one day!) but I am very glad to be able to follow you online. Your magnificent style certainly resonates, you have such an eclectic elegance, and i really admire the sentiment you can see in your work, everything in you store always looks so loved and full of sunshine!

I really enjoy watching your interior designs unfold- it's very inspirational, I moved to Paris 6 months ago and many of my 'house-warming' projects have been influenced by you. So anyway, big fan, and big thanks!

Your beautiful trellis wallpaper reminds me of the Faberge designs, I can imagine a creeping clematis growing up like little jewels. So I would suggest 'Faberge Lattice' or 'Green-fingered Faberge' or something like that.

Warmest regards


Shannon Fricke said...

What lovely designs in your trademark colours... A testament to your talents...

Anna Spiro said...

Thank you Shannon! Great to hear from you. Hope you are well!xx

Anna Spiro said...


Thank you so much for all of these fantastic suggestions!

Please keep them coming. I will close the entries this Friday...


Lulu said...

what about don't be trellis? Or are you jealous of my trellis?

Taylorgirl said...

Love the design and as a fellow Brisbanite, am going to suggest "Tickle me Trellis"

Cathy T

Red Dalish said...

In keeping with your nursery rhyme theme, I think "It's raining, it's pouring" would work. The trellis reminds me of raindrops on a window pane.

Megan W said...

Trellis me this, trellis me that

L´Atelier de Sarajevo said...

I find it lovely to follow your blog all these years as I have the impression I am part of your adventure (minus the hard work for me!). It is very inspiring!
My suggestion for the wallpaper
"Sous la treille" under the trellis in French!

roz said...

well as they do appear as cat's eyes
how 'bout
Eye Spy
Kitty in the Corner

or as arms outstretched
Arms Around You Trellis
Put My Arms around You Trellis
All Join Hands Trellis

have a good day


SCBlount said...

Tribal Trellis...

The Decorator said...

Hi Anna
What great news regarding your wallpaper range!

My suggestion is:


after Piet Mondrian's iconic
i know how you love New York and the repetition and lines just reminded me of this early 20th Century Mondrian painting. I always loved the title.

Janelle x

Shell said...

Hi Anna

My suggestion is "New farm mazes".

Congratulations on all your hard work. Enjoy this special time ahead and be kind to yourself for you have achieved something very unique.

Kindest Regards
Shell - A Darlings Nest

The Decorator said...

Hi again
I forgot to leave my email details:


Janelle Watson-Evans

JWE xx

The Decorator said...

My original comment may not have uploaded.
I suggested


after the iconic painting "Broadway Boogie-Woogie" by Piet Mondrian from the early 20th Century. The repetitive lines and geometry reminded me of this work and I always loved the name. I know how you like NYC and I thought it would be a nice reference.


Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna

Love, love your blog.

‘Through the Looking Glass’ is my suggestion.

Kindest regards,
Liska Turner

Rani Engineer said...

Hi Anna,
How about any of the following:
"Trellis by Nature"
"Dreamy Trails"
"Spiro's Trellis"
"Tales of Trellis"
"Cross-stitch Heaven"
With classic movie names like "Sound of Trellis" or "Trellis in Wonderland"
All the very best with naming the wallpapers!

Natalia said...

OK I am a little bit late but here goes...

1. Tinker Tailor
2. Rub a Dub Dub
3. Its raining its pouring
4. Bonjour Mes Amis

Thank you

Natalia said...

OK I am a little bit late but here goes...

1. Tinker Tailor
2. Rub a Dub Dub
3. Its raining its pouring
4. Bonjour Mes Amis

Thank you

ashley said...

Congratulations on your continued success, Anna. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, style, designs and glimpses of your family . . . What a blessed life!

Trellis wallpaper: Mr. McGregor's Garden Gate

From Beatrix Potter's Tales


ashley said...

Congratulations on all your many achievements! I so enjoy your blog, style, designs, glimpses of your home and family. What a blessed life!

Trellis wallpaper name: Mr. McGregor's Garden Gate

From Beatrix Potter Tales

Best wishes,

Brilliant Chic said...

Tiki Tiki Tembo

Brilliant Chic said...

I'm so excited to see the rest of your line! How about? ......Tiki Tiki Tembo

KaleyP said...

Love them all!

Meandering maze

Lost in the Maze

Natalia said...

oops and forgot

Round the Mulberry Bush

Anna Spiro said...

Rosey Posey Trellis

Luxury Lattice Trellis

I start my day with your blog. It is just pure joy to wish my way to Brisbane and read of you ad Faux Fuschia. I am a lifelong lover of blue and white and color. I am a school librarian in Florida. I find great pleasure in dreaming of the beautiful rooms you create and the beach and gardens.
Brooks Marshall

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,
I am a new and devoted fan of your beautiful blog, shop and decorating ideas.
A couple of ideas for your trellis wallpaper - Hop Scotch

- EenceyWeencey Spider
Kind Regards
Lana Fisher

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna, these prints remind me of a fun childhood, so I was thinking Hiccups or H Cups ( what my daughter calls hiccups.
Thanks Penny

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna

I have had difficulty posting my reply - you have now received it 3 times or not at all. Apogogies either way!

Just in case my suggestions are:

Bellisimo Trellisimo

Tantalisingly Trellis

Knick Knack Paddy Whack

Tutti Fruitti Trellis (in homage to the divine colours)!

Trellis Triumphant

Clever you.

Elisha Rickward

Lindsay said...

My suggestions are

Truly madly trellis

Truly trellis

Bethany Linz said...

Having been a textile designer myself I know how hard it can be to get that hand drawn look in the finished product. I have to say they are both beautiful but I really love the smaller stripe :-)

Jennifer said...

Hi Anna

I suggest 'Snakes and Lattice'


Jennifer said...

Hi Anna

I suggest 'Snakes and Lattice'


Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna
I am a long-time reader of your blog, I have never contributed before but thought of a name immediately for your trellis wallpaper.
The pattern reminds me of an aerial view of a maze so I thought "Amazing Grace" could be apt.
It incorporates a play on the word maze and grace which defines your style and no doubt your wallpaper range for Porters.
Kind regards
Belinda Hall

Anna Spiro said...

hi - there seems to be a bit of a nursery rhyme theme going on here ...! what about "tic tac toe trellis".

Alan O'Sullivan

Jen said...

Trellis a secret?
The unjoined lines remind me of cupped hands behind ears.

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,

Sorry to email but I have a problem on blogs with my email address so have to enter via email.

My entry in the competition is ‘the shape of things’ or you can it extend it to ‘the shape of things to come’


paula said...

My initial thought was... The Garden Gate... They are gorgeous by the way!

Jennie said...

Love your blog! How about Garden Gate? or Anna's Garden Gate?

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I would call it roadrunner, or roadrunner trellis. Beautiful!

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,

a loyal reader, i LOVE your blog and your work and am so excited to see you venture into paints and wallpaper design. Looking forward to seeing the full launch.

Los Angeles, CA

Here are some ideas:

tipsy trellis
tie the trellis
topsy turvy trellis
fancy fine trellis
ridge didge trellis
off the beaten trellis
wobbly dobbly trellis
kiss me trellis


kiss me lattice
chutes and lattice
fancy lattice
tipsy turvy lattice
waffle lattice
wobbly bobbly lattice

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,

I absolutely love your blog and read it every day and am so excited about your new wallpaper range for 'porters paints'! I have decided to call the range for the competition ......
'Linear Spiro'. Please,please,please pick me!!![will it be available in black or brown?]

Sarah Shanahan

Anna Spiro said...

Hi there

Ok.. I had a cracker weekend so much so that here are a few more (sad but true), I can not stop myself…

Tutti Fruiti Trellis
Topsy Turvy Trellis
Deconstructed Trellis
Bee Spoke Trellis
Tipperary Trellis
Truly Trellis

You have unleashed a beast … it is a bit scary when one finds oneself thinking of wall paper names at 10pm at night 

Good luck with the names!

Kind regards

Sarah Lochran

Unknown said...

Love your work. The design reminds me of a maze made from hedges, like the Queen of Heart's has in her Alice in Wonderland garden. A cute name could be "Queenie's garden" or "Wandering Alice".

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna
The wallpaper looks fabulous. The trellis pattern reminds me of a pack of old style playing cards so how about "Queen of Hearts".
All the best.

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,

Not sure if you have this suggestion already, but I was thinking "Charlotte's web"

Thanks, Viv.

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna

The first three that came to mind for me were Diamonds in the Sky, Looking Glass Lattice and Peekaboo Trellis.....of which variations have all been suggested...back to the drawing board!!

As Imperial Trellis is such an iconic design and has such a perfectly simple name, perhaps a name that is also one word but still fits with your theme.....maybe Ethereal Trellis or Fairytale Trellis?

I also like 'Rambling Rosie Trellis' as it also has a vintagey/whimsical sound like the two already named - the 'Rambling' suggests more of the hand drawn quality you were looking for, the 'Rosie' suggests ring a ring a rosie and that a trellis is usually for flora to climb on...(not to mention you describe your blog entries as "ramblings")...I also like the idea of the pink one being called Rambling Rosie Rose...haha!!

Love your ramblings by the way, have been reading them for years! Wanted to also thank you for my $5 cushion - i got a scrap of designers guild elenora fabric from your sale a couple of years ago and turned it into a is still on the couch and my boys (the little and big one) still fight over who gets to lie on it....

Hope you find something that resonates with you before the deadline...


P.S. Please feel free to edit this for the comments section as I have rambled on a bit myself!

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Ro,

I love your ramblings too!! I also loved hearing about your cushion which, by the sounds of it, is treasured and loved which is just so wonderful!!


Katy said...

Hello Anna,
Adore your blog! My favorite by far. The trellis is so crisp and stunning!

How about:
"Tilly's Trellis" or "Groovy Trellis"

x, Katy

michele said...

Hi Anna,

Can't wait to see what you do with the wallpaper.

My suggestions are Garden Party, Tea Party or Raffles Dreaming.


annie@mostlovelythings said...


Very exciting indeed! I've been looking at this all afternoon waiting for my daughter to return home from school to add her two cents...She (Madeline, 17) adores Latin and so I thought she might come up with something having to do with here is our idea...

The Gates of Rome

You have some very creative ideas in the previous comments. I think the one honoring your mom or grandmother is very sweet.


Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,

Love the wallpapers...I'm in the throws of choosing a wallpaper for the kitchen, wouldn't these be great!

My name for the trellis design would be "crazy maze" ....I look forward to seeing them in production soon.

Kind regards,
Nikki Bannister

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,

Congratulations on your new papers - I can't wait to see them in store.

I (finally!) had an idea this morning - how about 'Knot Garden'

Best regards,

Temple & Webster


Victoria Baker
Temple & Webster

Anna Spiro said...

Hello Anna,

Your new wallpaper range is just so inspiring and beautiful. Thanks, it’s generous of you to invite your readers to join in the of naming your trellis design. Here’s what I came up with.

I love wordplay and the fabulous name you gave your stripe design sparked my imagination for a theme of sorts.

If you add a few words to the stripe name, to this:


then maybe you could call your trellis design

“A-Treasure-trove-of-Trellis” or

“A-Tribe-of-Trellis” or

A-Tropic-of-Trellis” or


If you don’t like that idea, how about simply:

Treasure-trove Trellis or

Tribal Trellis or

Tropical Trellis or

Lollipop Lattice or

Thanks again for a chance to name the design. It was lots of fun!

I wish you every success with your new line and thanks so much for all the joy and pleasure you’ve given me through sharing your inspiring work through your blog.

best wishes
Elizabeth Hayes

Anna Spiro said...

So many wonderful names! The decision is going to be hard! I've got a few favourites so far. You are all so clever and creative.

Thank you so much for joining in the fun.

Anna Spiro said...

Okay, I have one more for you:

Enchanted Trellis (Still liking the one word before the Trellis like the Imperial thing and I think still goes with your theme the trellis has a very Moroccan/Persian look which makes me think of Aladdin/magical things)...Apologies if this has already been suggested, haven't checked this time!

Am all done now, don't envy you having to decide.

Kind Regards
Ro Petterson

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna

Thought you might like the names Flowers in Disguise or Flossie Trellis.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful finds through your blog, it inspires me to bring beauty in to all aspects of my home and life.


Sarah York said...

Love you blog. Congratulations on the wallpaper! So pretty. I can't wait to see the full collection. My suggestion is, "A,tisket-a,tasket"...
Best, Sarah

SweetJenny said...

I think a lovely name for the trellis pattern would be "gateways trellis", as the design inspires thoughts of a charming old gate, and the name would be evocative of beginning a new adventure, as you yourself are doing, Anna, with this venture. Best of luck to you. ~Jennifer

Claire said...

This has to be one of the all time best posts! So much creativity to match your beautiful new wallpapers.
My suggestions are: Come into the garden maze (apologies Lord Tennyson) and five, six pick up sticks.
The new shop windows are beautiful, I spy them as I go by on the bus.

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Anna,

I am an avid reader of your blog and have come up with a couple of names for the trellis wallpaper.(A)Mary Mary quite contrary.(B)Round and round the mulberry bush.
You must have such fun everyday, I'm sure you have headaches too, but mainly fun!!
Thank you for continuing to inspire and delight.

Amanda Guilfoyle

Coastal Chic- Island Collections said...

my idea is...

"tip toe through the trellis" with me!

Good luck choosing and apologies if someone has already suggested this name...there are sooo many!
x evanthe

Anonymous said...

Rapunzel would be a cute name too!

Jeanie said...

Climb a trellis.
Fairy trellis.
Jacks climbing trellis. (Jack and the bean stalk)
Pixie Sticks.

Love your wall papers! I look forward to ever new post!

Jeanie said...

Climb a trellis.
Fairy Trellis.
Jacks bean trellis. (jack and the bean stalk.)
Pixie Sticks.
Stick stack.

I love your wallpapers, and I look forward to every post!

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