Monday, 19 March 2012

And The Winner Is...

Hello!  Well, it was a very hard decision however, after much deliberation I have decided to name the trellis wallpaper - Rosey Posey Trellis which was submitted by Brooks Marshall

I feel that this name works perfectly with the names I have chosen for the other wallpapers in the collection.  Thank you so much for all of the amazing entries.  I never thought I would receive so many suggestions.  It was such a wonderful surprise receiving all of the emails and comments.

Just in case you are interested, below I have listed the names I narrowed it down to but Rosey Posey certainly won me over in the end!!

Ring-a-Ring-a-Rosie – Karen
Catch me if you can – Daryl Wark

Pocket full of posies – Kate
Summer House Trellis – Tenia
Garden Gate Trellis – Tenia
Trells Bells – Jordan Queen of LA
Trellis in Wonderland – Kath & others
Oh Grow my divine vines – Ana
A Tisket A Tasket – Stephanie
Bees Knees – Paddy
Sweet Pea Trellis – Jo & Sarah
Trellabella – Louise
Hide-n-Seek – Sim
Jiggley Wiggley Trellis – Anna

And in further wallpaper news we had all of our showroom display rolls of the papers delivered to the store today.  They will all be installed next week which I am very excited about.

Thank you again for all of your wonderful suggestions and for taking part in my very special wallpaper giveaway.



Paula said...

Those roses quite literally take my breath away. Cute name too!

Ineke Original said...


Tenia said...

Anna this was so much fun!! And I love seeing my suggestions on the list .... I'm just grinning from ear to ear as I type this. The wallpaper is beautiful and Rosey Posey Trellis is perfect with your other names. Thanks for making me smile today!

Musthave said...

Love it !!!

cool :)

do you want to follow me ?

The House That A-M Built said...

Perfect choice. A-M xx

Anna said...

Lovely choice!

I am way too excited about making the shortlist...I think I need more hobbies :)

The see thru house said...

Hi Anna,

Great name.. I did love that song growing up!!
I have had you on my Top Sites for 4 years,
You have also inspired me to start my own blog,
I just need some help to get up and running from
My very bloggy daughters w-u-n-d-e-r is in of my
Daughters inspiration boards but it is Tumbler so
Maybe when you are looking for bits and bobs you
Could have a peek:)
Julie x

Paddy said...

So excited I made the semi-finals! Good luck with it Anna.