Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Starting To Think About Christmas

Usually around mid November I start to think about my Christmas theme for the year. When I say theme, for me, it's usually mostly about what wrapping paper and gift cards I am going to use and which ribbons I will use to re-thread all of my mismatched Christmas ornaments which I have been collecting since my husband and I got married.

This time each year I love pulling out my collection of Christmas decorations as they always bring back so many happy memories especially the little ornament one of my girlfriends gave me when Harry was born. I also have ornaments I have found overseas in special places like Venice, Paris, Hawaii, San Francisco etc. etc. I'm always on the lookout for special Christmas decorations!!

Bird Ornaments available from Black & Spiro

Bunny Ornament available from Black & Spiro

To keep my collection growing I like to buy 2-3 new decorations a year. We are selling these two gorgeous decorations {above} at Black & Spiro this year and I have decided to add some of these to my collection at home. One day I will pass on my collection to Harry and hopefully he will get as much joy out of it as I do and maybe he too will carry on the tradition with his children by adding a few new ornaments each year.

Our 2006 Christmas Tree

Another thing I changed about my Christmas theme last year was the tree. Whilst I have always gone for a white tree {above}, last year, as it was time for me to replace my tree, I went for a traditional green tree. This year however, I have decided to go back to a white tree as I just feel that a white tree looks much prettier with my colourful decorations and because the green tree I purchased last year has somehow been damaged in our store room....I'm thinking a little 5 year old I know may be to blame!!

Just this week I came across these pretty, colourful Christmas napkins from Cath Kidston. When I spotted them I knew straight away that they would be my inspiration for my Christmas theme this year. In particular I love that they look vintage and the pretty colours really caught my eye.

I then went about trying to find some pretty ribbon, cards, paper etc. After having a little hunt around I started to think that maybe I could try to be a little more creative this year and instead of spending lots of money on expensive wrapping papers I decided that Harry and I will make our own Christmas wrapping paper. I will purchase a large roll of butchers paper and then get out the paint brushes and maybe even make some vegetable printing blocks!

I love these pretty yellow and white polka dot cards which we sell at Black & Spiro. I think they work so beautifully with my theme so these are a definite.

I have a roll of this grosgrain ribbon at the shop too so I think I will use it up with some of the other ribbons I already have in my present drawer at home. I also love to make ribbons out of some of my fabric remnants at the shop...I just tear them up into strips and tie them onto my gifts...a great way of using up small pieces of fabric.

Vintage Tea Tin from Etsy Seller Sohn

This Christmas I am challenging myself to try to be a little less extravagant and a little more creative. Therefore another way to meet this challenge is to do some baking. I thought I might look for some vintage tins and then use them to package up some home made biscuits to give to my family & friends.

What are your plans this Christmas??


Ivy Lane said...

Another fun wrapping idea for kids is to use the Sunday morning comics. I did that one year and the nieces and nephews LOVED it!

I adore all the beautiful christmas items you carry at your store..especially the bird ornaments.

I always do a green tree, but your white tree is truly beautiful. I like how the colors and shapes of all the ornaments pop!

Stacy said...

I am hoping to get more creative in my christmas giving as well. Planning on giving my sewing machine a good workout!

la la Lovely said...

Anna... I love how your decorations are not typical red and green or matchy matchy. I am starting to feel inspired now. I love the idea of threading ribbon to hang ornaments. Last year I did little ribbon ties on my tree, which was kind of fun. Great idea with the vintage tins...who wouldn't love that! And fab Cath Kidston find!
Ps- thanks for the mention and link today!
xx Trina

Sarah Bradley said...

What an inspiring post!

This year I am trying very hard to be extremely creative- I've done personalized stationary for almost all of the women in my family because we've all at one time or another said we miss the lost art of letter writing. I'm also focusing on their interests and trying to tie that in some how through a coffee table book or tickets to a lecture.

For decorating we are keeping it simple- a wreath, cranberry throw and tree decorated with hand me down ornaments my mom gave to me, just as you are giving to Harry. It's so special decorating the tree- each ornament has a story and a memory.


My plans: party, party, party!!!

annechovie said...

Thank you SO much for posting my card - what a nice surprise! I love all of your photos and your 2006 tree is beyond gorgeous - all of my favorite colors.

Karyn said...

I so agree. Each year I say that we are going to do less and it's yet to happen. This year it kind of has to happen and I am thankful for that idea of a simple Christmas.

I've purchased a couple of items for the children over the last few months at garage sales and thrift stores and I am proud to have done so. I feel like I'm rebelling just a little against consumerism and part of something bigger by being more thoughtful about what I buy.

Lynne said...

You are so organised. I can't believe you restring all your ornaments with matching ribbon (although it is an excellent idea.)

Maybe you would like to participate in the great ornament swap which I found here:
I am taking part, and I think it will be fun!

Chris said...

I just love the painting(?) behind the X-mas tree!! Who made it? If you made posters of it I would buy at once!! Chris, Göteborg, Sweden

Rebecca Corvese said...

I love the little bird ornaments. They are so special. Did you create these yourself? Adorable!

Carrie Nicole said...

i too am starting to think about Christmas already. i will be taking a short trip over the mountains to visit my mom and spend time in the snow which i love.

i do enjoy decorating even when it's only me that gets to see it so i will get out my tree and ornaments and put up lights on the house this year as well as other little touches around the house that will give me some holiday cheer.

Villa Anna said...

Anna you are a genius. I LOVE the vintage tin/homebake cookie gift idea. I know myself a gift like that would mean so much, perhaps even more than an expensive shop purchase. I LOVED seeing your christmas tree last year and I can't wait to see it again this year.

Anna :)

Sharnel said...

I love the birdie ornaments, they are gorgeous.
Still haven't decided on a theme. I have too many running around in my head. Blue and white tree or vintage shiny brites to name a few.
Also love the Cath Kidston.

SimplyGrove said...

Yay for Christmas!!! Thanks for this great post:)

The Steel Magnolia House said...

Beautiful ideas, Anna! I love trying to come up with inexpensive and creative ways to give thoughtfully...the biscuits in vintage tins takes the cake!

Hannah said...

The butcher's paper idea is great, even unpainted. I love the contrast of the plain brown with silky colourful ribbons or feature strips.

This year I've made an angel silhouette cardboard cut-out and plan to use that to make pretty paper angels for pressie tags :-)

The 'aesthetic on a budget' approach really resonates for me financially, environmentally and heartfully.

Keren - The Brown Trading Co. said...

Gorgeous post. Well I always do the big Christmas Day at our house and usually cook for about 30-40 people but after last year I said "No more". So I'm sort of having the 'anti-Christmas' this year and heading to Coolangatta for 2 whole weeks.

So this year is the simple life....I'm taking our small white stick Christmas tree and our wooden red reindeer for decorations. I plan to sit on my luxury apartment balcony with prawns and Veuve Clicquot and watch the waves roll in! Aaahhhh bliss.

Caroline said...

I love the idea of painting your own wrapping paper with your child. What a lovely way to involve the family in the spirit of the season, and teach kids that it isn't all about buying things.

This year I know I will be making our holiday cards instead of purchasing them.

Mélanie said...

I haven't thought about it yet ! I've always been wondering how christmas can be during the summer ! In france for us, winter means christmas ...

Style Court said...

Anna -- what pretty birds!

Looking forward to seeing your shop all decked out this year. And your homemade paper too!

Leciawp said...

I love your ribbon idea. The ornaments you've posted are really pretty - I'll take a look. My mother gave me and my siblings a new ornament every Christmas, and I've carried on the tradition with my two little boys.