Saturday, 14 July 2007

More Progress @ Home

My bedroom chair (which I orginally bought at a junk shop for $15.00) is covered in my favourite Manuel Canovas fabric. We had some stock of the fabric at the shop so I decided to use it for my bedroom chair.

I love to collect old crystal and silver perfume bottles and jars. I display them on my dressing table as above.

I bought the Bally print on Ebay for $20.00 (+ framing).

I LOVE cushions as you can see above - a collection of some of my favourite fabrics on my bed.

Here's my (very cheap) Ebay chair above which I adore. I haven't even recovered it. It is exactly how it arrived from the ebay seller - what a bargain!!

I've made lots more progress at home this week and I think I'm all organised for the photo shoot which is hapenning this Wednesday. I'll be so happy once it is all over as getting ready for something like this can be very stressful considering I am such a perfectionist and especially given the small time frame I've had to work with. However, don't get me wrong, I am not complaining, it is an absolute honour that they want to come to photograph my home and my shop so I think all the effort will be worth it in the end!! I would like to add a note that decorating a room can be done on a budget. As you will see above, I have sourced things on Ebay and junk shops and then just used some very special fabrics as a feature in the room. It's not always about spending a fortune, it's about having an eye to find and source great things at a cheaper price. I certainly had to be on a very tight budget with my decorating at home for this upcoming photo shoot!!


Unknown said...

Your house is absolutely charming!


Love, love the polka dots and b&w striped chair. Who is doing the shoot? Can't wait to see the results.

katiedid said...

Anna! It is beautiful! I love the Manuel Canovas. And your collection of bottles is so great. I love collections because it shows the pesonality of the homeowner, and that is what makes a house a home!

Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

I think you couldn't have named your blog more aptly :-)...the images ARE beautiful!

I love the way you have used different fabric combinations in your home...

And, all the best with the photo shoot!

sandig said...

great blog... love the Black and Spiro Cushion in the sidebar... beautiful.

bonny with a Y said...

I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I quite enjoy it. I think your house looks great and good luck with the photo shoot. It'll be worth all the time and effort you put into it.

Me and Him said...

The bedroom chair is beautiful. It even matches the flowers right outside the window.

And I like your ebay chair for $15.00. I never seem to be able to find anything good!

susan jenkins said...

I love your chair! The ruffle especially. I have a wing back chair in my front room that I would love to redo, in a floral chintz, pinks but I am concerned about durability and fading because of alot of light . Also do you put a ruffle on a wing back?? It has a Queen Anne leg.
Good luck with your shoot!
I have linked you to my blog, hope that's ok.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anna,
I found you on dream house. and like you I don't know if she means good bye forever, thus I followed your link here.
What a find! So many of your inspirations have been part of my inpsirations as well.
I will visit again.
Please visit with me at Robin Sherwood frecklefarm.

Anonymous said...

Anna, it looks wonderful. You'll have to post photos of the photoshoot itself.

Style Court said...


Well-done! So very lovely. I can really see your personality coming through!

Great point on the eye and brain being most important, money second :)

Congrats over and over on the upcoming photo shoot -- SO excited for you.


Anna Spiro said...

Thanks Courtney - your comments mean so much!!

Jo Walker said...

I agree Anna. It's more fun finding the bargain and giving it a new life. Even if I had the money to throw around on gorgeous new things it's not as satisfying. The room looks fabulous and oh so photo shoot ready!

Anna Spiro said...

Thanks Jo - yes I am the queen of bargain hunting!! It makes it all the more interesting I think!

Anna Spiro said...

Thanks Patricia!

Liberty Post - Real Living Magazine is doing the shoot.

Katie - I couldn't agree with you more - collections are the essence of a home!

Bhavna - thank you for your kind comments and for stopping by!!

Anna Spiro said...

Thanks Bonney brae!! Thanks too tinkerblue - you just have to keep looking on ebay and you'll find great things!

Anna Spiro said...

Susan - thanks for your kind note. These days there are alot of fantastic exterior grade fabrics available - I often use exterior grade fabrics inside in very sunny rooms - have a look at some of the ones from Kravet, Brunschwig & Fils, Lulu DK, just to name a few. And a big yes to a frill on a wing chair - I am a huge fan of frills - just run it to half way down the leg.

Anna Spiro said...

Thanks Sandig!

Anna Spiro said...

Thanks Robin - I'll be sure to check out your site!

Anna Spiro said...

Thanks Pink!! I will definately post some picturs of the actual shoot!

Chris Kauffman said...

I just found your blog, how lucky for me, I just adore your style, it is so fresh and cheery, lovely blog.

Suzy said...

Anna, your house looks beautiful! Good luck with the photo shoot!

momma j lee ♥ said...

Anna I love your table and stools! Just gorgeous :)

Great job.

Anonymous said...

It's all georgeous but I love love love your chair - I want it !!!!

girl meets glamour said...

Wow!!! It looks amazing Anna, really I love what you've done. Your style comes through with the design, prints and patterns...and love that you've shown people you can achieve all this on a budget too! Thanks so much for letting us into your home during your photo shoot preparations, even though I'm sure it's been extremely hectic!


SuburbanMom said...

I have a chair very similar to the your stiped ebay one.

I bought it on craigslist, I painted it creamy white and covered it in my favorite Amy Butler fabric.
Now it is my favorite chair in my living room! (besides my *other* painted craigslist chair :)

Anonymous said...

Anna, I ADORE your beautiful eye candy of a blog! I've added you to my favorites, and I hope that is okay. This space is especially gorgeous - love the chair and your sweet collection. Enjoy the shoot - they are SO special to be a part of!

The Peak of Chic said...

Everything looks terrific, and I know the photo shoot will go GREAT! Good luck; I hope we get to see a scan of the article once it's published!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Anna, I just found your blog recently & have enjoyed browsing & looking at all the beautiful things on here. I love decorating & doing it on a budget, so glad to see you do the same! Great pics & inspiration, I'll be back to check out more. Stop by & visit me when you get a chance. I'm always up to some sort of project myself.

Southern Hospitality

cotedetexas said...

Ditto on all the comments about your beautiful house - but the chair! I've never seen that MC fabric. I'm going to have to go look it up, it's delicious!


Cecilia said...

This is absolutely blissful perfection! Thank you for posting inspiring pics of your home!

Anonymous said...

Your house is beautiful Anna, that re-upholstered chair is stunning, as are the cushions. Love your display of perfume bottles and the vintage poster. I agree that with a good eye, everything can be done on a budget and looking stylish at the same time (a good philosophy for things design related as well as fashion).

Unknown said...

Hi Anna,

That very cheap, black and white Ebay chair--what keywords might I use to find one similar online?

Btw, it's become part of my workday routine to break away to view your blog. It has proven to be quite the wonderful escape.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...


C+SK said...

What a beautiful home you have I think I said this before! :-)

And what a fabulous chair!!!!! For some reason, every time I go "antique hunting" the chairs are either beyond repair, ugly or too expensive! $15!!! And what a gorgeous fabric - did you upholster it yourself?

Linda Merrill said...

Love the arm chair with the Manuel Canovas fabric, and especially the ruffle! It's a lovely added little touch. And yes, to the person who asked about wing chairs, I think you can add a flirty little ruffle to a wing chair!

beachbungalow8 said...

really charming. i love the touches of black. love the canovas fabric and i can't believe you scored that chinese chippendale cheaply! yay!

SamD said...

Hi Anna,
I love your home, I can't wait to see it in print! I would love to know what the yellow geometric fabric is on the cushion on your bed...? Thanks :)

Anastasia said...

anna your bedroom is gorgeous - lovely light streaming through! love what you've done with the chair!!! great interior work!!

Lisa said...

Wow. Your house is stunning! What great bargins you've found too!! Wow!

Jordan Cappella said...

Love the BALLY print! I did some work with them in NYC last year when they were relaunching the look/brand of the Madison Ave Boutique. I helped pic out the celebrity outfits. It was fun!


Anonymous said...

Gosh, I thought I left you a comment but now I don't see it! Anywho - beautiful inspiration here and especially loved seeing this photo - gorgeous chair and collection! I enjoyed my visit here and will be back!