Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Birthday Preparations

Image via Sarah Kaye
Image via Sarah Kaye

Above image source unknown

I Love the look of mismatched dining chairs as above.
Image via Style court

I am using this Manuel Canovas fabric (on the dining chairs above) to make the napkins for the table.
Image via Stylecourt

Image Via Silk Felt Soil blog

Later this year I will be celebrating my 30th Birthday - scary - where did all those years go??!! I have finally decided on the location and type of party I will be having which will be a weekend long Birthday celebration with 28 of my closest friends at Peppers Spicers Peak Lodge. Peppers is located in the country - approximately 2 hours from where I live in Brisbane. I am planning a special lunch on the Saturday which will be held outside on the grass just in front of the lodge with a long table with custom made tablecloth and napkins, beautiful chairs and dinner plates and lots and lots of beautiful flowers. I thought I would share with you some of the images I have been starting to collect which will eventually inspire me to create my special birthday lunch.


Cecilia said...

Thanks for all the inspiring pictures that are really useful for me as I am planning my husband's 30th birtday. Since it is in January we won't be able to dine outside, as we live in Sweden and that is the coldest time of year here... However, your pictures made me realize that you can create a summery feeling inside as well!

Anna said...

Thanks Cecilia - so glad to have inspired you today!!!

ALL THE BEST said...

Just beautiful Anna, I would expect no less! I can already feel the merriment and celebration. If you are anything like me, planning is half the fun. Oh, to be 30 again ( I’m 3 years from 40-ugh)!

casapinka said...

It sounds completely wonderful - a dream 30th party.

J Lee said...

you have collected some graet images Anna! i'm sure you're birthday celebration will be stunning! Have a great one and enjoy your 30th =)


The Peak of Chic said...

I know it will be beautiful. I still think you should moonlight as a party planner!

cruststation said...

How exciting Anna, the long table with lots of flowers look divine, and I like the sound of a weekend long celebration and lunch held outside :)

katiedid said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA! My Birthday is this Friday, so I will be celebrating with you in spirit! All the best.

Casey said...

wow, these pictures are just beautiful. Great inspiration for my backyard that I am getting ready to fix up!!

corine said...

Anything 'Al fresco' sounds like heaven to me. Also, it will be summer there, right?

style court said...

Sounds amazing Anna! Love your ideas.

girl meets glamour said...

These are beautiful images Anna!!! If this is your inspiration for your birthday party...there's no doubt it will be fabulous :)

Mim said...

Hi Anna,

Thsi is a great idea! I can remember reading an article that would compliment the theme you are creating. When I get home from work I'll hunt for it and send you the info.


Gypsy Purple said...

Anna...these are all fabulous...I can see where you are going!!!!
Oh....to be 30 again!!!!!
Enjoy the planning....and KEEP SHARING!!!!!

Anna said...

Thanks ATB!! I agree - the planning is so fun and then to see the finished product - that's my favourite bit!!

Anna said...

Thanks Pink!

Anna said...

Thanks Jlee & Cruststation!

Anna said...

Thanks POC - my dad said the same thing to me today!! But again I have to say that I don't know how the heck I'd fit it all in - I just wish there was more time in a day!!

Anna said...

THanks Katie, Casey, Corine - it will be Spring which should be really beautiful - I HOPE!!!

Anna said...

Mim - please send it through if you find it!! THANKS!!!

Anna said...

Thanks COurtney & GMG!!

Anna said...

Thanks Gyps!

Anna said...

Anonymous - If you have a problem with me you should speak to me about it instead of leaving me a gutless anonymous comment on my blog.

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

Happy Birthday! My 30th is coming up as well although It will not be as chic of a party as yours! Love your inspiration pictures!

drey said...

hey anna :) thought i'd mention more about the last picture you posted... it's from a martha stewart issue and martha's got a copper tabletop sheet thing made for one of her tables... so when you put candles on the copper and put crystal and dim the overhead lights, the whole table glows! (this pic and idea have been in my inspiration files forever!)

happy 30th!

Bella said...

Happy Birthday!
I wish I was a friend of yours....Wish to attend your B-day partt with all beautiful napkins, tablecloth, chiars and lots more...

I just had my 30th birthday party on March 5th with my bf in a fantastic Japanese restaurant.

Chelsea said...

I love hearing about party plans! I have already started thinking about my 30th B-day celebration for next year. Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Calie Anderson, C.I.D. said...

I love the look of mismatched dining chairs.

Happy 30Th birthday! I'm 31 now and I have to say life just feels like it gets better and better as you get older.

Phoebe said...

h a p p y

b i r t h d a y



(silk felt soil)

At Home with kim vallee said...

Your birthday will be quite a feast. But beware that you will have to top it up at 40. Have fun organizing your 30th.

Request for help: If someone knows who manufactures the dinnerware set on the third picture from the top (the unknown source one), can you let me know on my blog?