Monday, 2 April 2012

A Neutral Breeze

Mum's things on her fireplace mantel @ Straddie.

Happy Ned having the best time on the beach.

Not another person on the beach.  Just me & Ned...pure bliss.

Neutral chair, ethnic cushion, antique mirror and natural rug @ Black & Spiro

There seems to be a neutral breeze in the air for me at the moment.  Maybe it's because there is just so much colour happening out there and I usually prefer to move against the current.  Not sure but it seems as though a dash of neutral is like a breath of fresh air for me right now.  Note, I said a 'dash of neutral'.  Don't worry I won't be going all beige but I really am enjoying a mix of neutral with colour. 

On the weekend I went to my parent's beach cottage which sits on the most beautiful, quiet beach at Straddie and it was a perfect breath of fresh air for me.  I can't believe that Ned and I were the only people {well Ned is a dog not a person} on the beach on Sunday morning.  We walked for over an hour and we didn't pass 1 person except for the man in his surf ski.  It was quite extraordinary and just so refreshing.  It's amazing what a bit of fresh sea air and time on your own can do for your head and soul!!  It definitely gets rid of the cobwebs. 



Kelly Green said...

I agree, a little neutral is always good! I too, like to move against the current so am always moving away from the tide!! What a lovely walk you must have had.

Brown Button Trading said...

oh Anna, that sounds divine! such an alone time - must be incredibly rare. Love lots and hope you are well. xxxx

Felicity said...

Absolute bliss Anna.

One of my favourite pastimes at this time of the year is taking my dog Luke for a walk at Sunshine Beach, although it's very rare for it to be just us.

Happy week!

Faux Fuchsia said...

your mum has lovly taste and such a fabulous eye.

Meanwhile I am SICK but don't think it's stopped me thinking about you and when we are meeting up. Plus I am counting the seconds til your sale. xxxx

pve design said...

I chose to go with a palette of all neutral in our renovation and I am so happy. lots of white, natural so seasonally I can add colorful accents.
I think as an artist, we are so sensitive to our surroundings and for me, keeping things neutral, crisp and clean is like a day at the beach.
I must admit, I am loving navy blue now....

Sarah said...

What a lovely beach Anna, lucky you and Ned - really looks like a special spot for you and your family! have a great week! ;-))

Anonymous said...

No one could be more being than I am, I need an intervention.

for the love of a house said...

beatiful!! and even if I didn't know your sweet pup was "Ned" I would call him "Ned".... he so looks like his name! What a love.


annie@mostlovelythings said...

Isn't it amazing how one can feel completely safe on an empty beach? I often marvel that I can walk a pretty long stretch of our beach in Dana Point, CA and see only a couple of people on the beach. Plenty of surfers in the water...but where is everyone on such a beautiful day I often find myself thinking. The water and the blue sky is brilliantly blue at Straddie, isn't it?

I do love your mum's mantel...looks like plenty of good reading material.


Unknown said...

sounds like heaven. My favorite times at the beach are when I am alone there. And a dog always adds to the fun, especially if the ocean brings out the natural joy in them....

Brenda said...

...and if it has to be neutral go white as it makes the brights look that happier!....B:)

Ness Lockyer said...

Ned is so cute...and so big now! The Beach is amazing and it looks like you had a peaceful time.
Loving that chair. Dont ever give up your are just SO good at it.
Ness xx
Marley & Lockyer

Daryl Wark said...

You are right, Straddie is such a wonderful place. The beaches are quite, clean, the sea a wonder blue and yes the air seems so clean even though we a no more than a half hour ferry ride from the mainland. I too just spent a week there and cheerished evey restfull moment.
My cob webs have cleared and Im ready to take on the city.
To me colour always looks better with a contrasting neutral and a change is as good as a holiday. You seem to have had both.
warm wishes Daryl

Leah said...

Are you on Pinterest? I searched and didn't see you, but I saw lots of your great stuff:

Take Care,

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this beach! where is it?

unikorna said...

The mirror in the background is astonishing. It makes me think of its owner as a mysterious femme fatale :).

Alicia and Victoria said...

oh wow I envy you right now ! you must have an incredible time! i love the chair :)