Friday, 11 February 2011

Friday Flowers

It was lovely to return home earlier this week and walk in the door to see fresh flowers from my garden arranged in a vase on our entry chest of drawers.  They all know how much I love my flowers.  It's nice the week has ended.  I'm looking forward to a lazy weekend at home with the boys. 

See you next week.


mj said...

i can't believe those flowers were in your garden. beautiful.

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

The most expensive bouquet can never beat the pleasure of flowers from the garden.
Have a great weekend

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Have a lovely weekend, Anna!

pve design said...

lazy love sounds so welcome home to me!
enjoy lounging amongst the friday flowers and your boys.

The enchanted home said...

I agree nothing a wonderful fragrant bouquet of flowers, big or small cannot cure. I too, try to always have fresh flowers they are such a natural and inexpensive mood lifter...but if someone is doing it for you, even better!
Enjoy your weekend.
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U speak and its like a song said...

Hi Anna!
I always love your "Friday Flowers" and I very much loved your old home. So I wonder if you would do a little sneak post of the interior in your new house? I know, I am very curious but since I am not alone I would very, very much appreciate that! Love everything you do - you are never wrong for me!

Many hugs! Alexandra

Luciane at said...

Oh.. soooo pretty! Thank you for bringing a smile on my face with these beautiful flowers!

Have a great weekend!


Luciane at

Post of the day: DEXTER INSPIRED DECOR. (warning: it's creepy!!!) :-)

Nic MacIsaac said...

have a wonderful (and lazy) weekend Anna! x

Annie Loveridge Interiors said...

So lovely to see the Friday Flowers back, and PINK! Welcome home x.

Anonymous said...

Those are the best kind of flowers.....and weekend xo

Cornflakes and Honey said...

Beautiful Anna. Wishing you a great lazy weekend with your family!

the gardener's cottage said...

dearest anna,

no one does flowers quite like you do. i love these posts.


Life love, clutter and other beautiful things. said...

they are cute!!!

logo said...

Oh.. soooo pretty! Thank you for bringing a smile on my face with these beautiful flowers!