Thursday, 25 September 2008

Martha's Absolutely Favourite Things

"Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."- William Morris

Today I'd like to introduce you to Martha B. the writer of one of my favourite blogs, Nibsblog. Before having her son, Martha studied Anthropology, Art & Interior Design. She also worked for two major department stores doing window displays and fashion shows. Martha inspires me on a daily basis with her Vocabulary posts, her Then & Now posts and her Lil'Pix posts. I like her intelligent and witty approach to design and I definitely think she's a traditionalist at heart which I love. Overall, I love reading Martha's viewpoint and the pictures she posts are beautiful!! Let's see and hear all about Martha's favourite things...

"On our fireplace mantle are some of my favorite things:

Brass candle holders were a wedding gift. Look closely- the candles are in the shape of tree branches!

I love books and you'll find them all over our house. A small stack of them with a beach stone (found by my son) on top.

Polaroid of my father-in-law and his sail boat held in a vintage metal florist "frog."

Behind it is a starfish (a gift from my mom) and some old letters from my grandmother.

Antique pottery holds flowers from my garden.

For my 30th birthday my parents gave me the mantle clock- something I had always wanted.
Woven mirror was a sale item at Pottery Barn ten years ago.

Deer antlers (above the mirror) were from an antiques mall in upstate New York. At Christmas time I love hanging ornaments
from them!"

Oh, Martha your favourite things are lovely. They are all obviously very special pieces which hold lots of special memories. I'm sure you will treasure them forever. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!!

Absolutely Favourite Things will appear here every Thursday so stay tuned!!

(Photo by Martha B. August 2008)


vicki archer said...

Beautiful, favourite things from Martha - I adore her sentiment behind the choices, it was very heartfelt.
I love your Thursday post Anna - great idea.xv

Brown Button Trading said...

I agree with Vicki, i love AFT on ABT!!! - what a fabulous idea. I have your blog link on my favourites at work, which is really quite naughty because as an accountant it is very hard to explain why I have images of interior designs on a gorgeous pink background on my screen when a partner at my firm comes to talk tax at my desk!!! - Thursdays are the worst as I keep checking back for AFT. Anna, you realise you are going to have to give me a job if I ever get fired from spending too much time on your blog, ok!!! xxxx

Chelsea said...

Yay! Martha is one of my favorites!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i love the deer antlers and her idea of hanging ornaments on them during christmas time is too cute!!!

Holly said...

I've always liked that quote so much.

Shakerdiva said...

And isn't that an original William Morris wallpaper design in the background? I really enjoy your blog.


monologue said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments! :)

Warm Regards,
Martha B.

PS: Pat- Yes..that's a William Morris of my favorite patterns! :)

amber said...

I was the lucky tenant in Anna's fab beach house last week!

We had such a lovely time - truly relaxing.

It was so nice to come back after a morning at the beach & relax in the afternoon surrounded by lovely things. No stone left was left unturned. We truly appreciated the fresh flowers & personal touches.

My young children were puzzled as to how we were staying at someones home when they weren't there!

I had to stay up very late on the last night just so I could finish flicking through all the beautiful books!

Thanks a million again Anna.

Jolie xo

Style Court said...

Martha -- this vignette is lovely and I loved reading about the meaning behind each object.