Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Mr & Mrs G Riverbar Open

I'm so excited to finally share a few snapshots of the fabulous new bar I have been working on in the city here in Brisbane which just opened late this afternoon.  Located right on the edge of the Brisbane River, Mr & Mrs G Riverbar has, in my humble opinion, one of the best views in Brisbane! 

The bar is named after it's owners Marcia & Andy Georges who have owned and operated Il Centro Restaurant here in Brisbane for the past 20 years!  The new bar is located just in front of their restaurant and is certainly the perfect place to spend an afternoon/evening with friends admiring the amazing view of the Story Bridge and enjoying wonderful tapas and of course a few drinks!

I worked with Marcia from conception of the bar.  We chose all the fabrics, furniture, cushions, wallpaper, lights, tiles and finishes together and I think it has been a wonderful collaboration of ideas.  One of my most favourite things is the wall of old photos, newspaper clippings, menus etc. which I came up with only last Monday!  We were going to place a painting on the wall but I thought it would be so special to do a wall which explained to their customers who they are and their history in the restaurant industry here in Brisbane.  I met with my beautiful framer last Tuesday and we selected some wonderful frames some of which were in his old shed.  I couldn't believe my luck when I found some of the most wonderful vintage frames hidden away in the back of the shed.  Everyone who has seen the wall is shocked to find out that all of the pieces have just been framed!  They look like they have been away in a cupboard for years and years...just the look I wanted to achieve!  In only 5 working days he framed up 29 pieces for our special wall and when we hung the wall yesterday there certainly were a few tears shed!!

And I am also thrilled that we were able to include a wall in the restaurant wallpapered in my Higgledy Piggledy Stripe wallpaper in the blue and white colourway.  Oh and look up to the ceiling when you walk into the bathrooms! 

Anyway, enough of my ramblings!  I do hope you can pop in to enjoy the atmosphere at the new Mr & Mrs G Riverbar!  I am sure it will exceed your expectations!  It is truly divine and I am so proud to have been involved!  Here's to another huge success for you Andy & Marcia and thank you for asking me to be involved in such a wonderful project!!


Christina Brooke said...

Anna that is stunning! Can't wait to visit. I'd say you've outdone yourself but really, it is no surprise to see you create such an individual and special place.

collaborative edge said...

Congrats Anna... We will rush right down at the weekend. So wonderful to celebrate longevity in the restaurant business. Long live the sandcrab lasagne... Well done Mr and Mrs G.


Stuart Membery Home Collection said...

Wonderful Anna - how exciting to decorate a public space - post more photo's please - Stu x

Letitia Linke - The White Shed said...

It looks absolutely divine! I have never visited Brisbane but think I must. There seems to be so many lovely people and places to visit. xx

Alisa said...


matildaroseinteriors.blogspot said...

It really looks fantastic Anna, congratulations!

My husband is heading up to Brisbane this week coming, I'll have to tell him to stop by! - Alisha

Unknown said...

Dearest Anna,
Your blog is always full of abundance, nothing is ever the same, and yet I feel your eye, your likings and your love for the extraordinary colors around you!
And surely your boys are so exposed to it, no wonder they get inspired to be colorful as well. Harry's drawing is excellent.
Great work at the bar and hopefully more days by the fire.
Greetings from a hot summer day in New York!

PS: You look great in that picture above!

Nicole Sanders said...

WOW this is spectacular - love the tiled bar & fabric selection. So stylish and fantastic to see Brisbane has a wonderful stylish tapas bar along our beautiful river. Hubby & I are venturing out this Saturday first kid free time in quite some time, so will definitely be popping in for a vino & checking out the fit out. Nicole

Jenny Slingerland said...

It's gorgeous!

Nicole Sanders said...

wow that is beautiful. Great fit out, love the tiled bar & fabrics on the stools. excellent work!

HausStylish said...

Oh I love it, it's fabulous - especially the beautiful tiles on the bar and the pendant lights above the curved seating area, can't wait to visit - thanks for sharing it x

Unknown said...

It's amazing! That lounge area is to die for - and kismet that some of the frames were just waiting to be discovered. I want more!

Daryl Wark said...

Hi Anna,
Congratulations on you the restaurant.
It looks fantastic from the photos. The place has your signature and looks like the clients as well. Would love to see more.
Just suppose I will need to get over there and have a meal and soak up the atmosphere.
Warm wishes,
Daryl x