Thursday, 7 June 2012

Art & Other Things

Have you seen the beautiful Adam Lester exhibition currently on at Jan Murphy Gallery here in Brisbane?  I took my 2 boys, Harry and Max to see the wonderful paintings last Saturday mainly because Harry loves to draw and I thought Adam Lester's work would resonate with him.  He certainly came away feeling very inspired by the cargo ships, roosters and cowboys and as a result he has been drawing all week, even in the car on the way to school.

Here is one of his little creations.  He obviously has the same love for colour as his mother.  His neon coloured pencils seem to be the shortest in the pencil case.

Look at this beautiful bounty of textiles which currently exist in our bedroom display at Black & Spiro.  The vintage suzani on the bed is one of the most beautiful pieces of cloth we have ever had.  It is quite difficult to find old suzani textiles with white backgrounds and CLEAN white background suzanis are even harder to come by.  So this one is certainly a special piece of treasure and it's lovely large size fits perfectly on the end of our bed.

Here are a couple of other new things we have in store at the moment. 

Look at this fabulous combination of colour.  I adore pink and red together.  It's such a quirky, almost eccentric combination don't you think?  This little cluster of special things sit on a side table in my friend's apartment in Sydney where we stayed last week.  Thank you Mrs G.  You're apartment is divine.

Talking about Sydney, I really miss you and I really miss Mike's cooking.  I wish we had something like you in Brisbane Mike {Kitchen by Mike}.  Look at the fabulous arrangement of fruit and veges so effortlessly placed on an old trestle table at Mikes and isn't the old set of scales TO-DIE-FOR! 

Mum - don't you have an old set of scales like this?  Pllleeeeeeaaase can I have them?!?!



Unknown said...

These are all 'absolutely beautiful' photos. I love the colors and patterns.

Amanda Rose

Gild and Grace said...

Such gorgeous pieces Anna. I love that lamp!

Abbey x

Harlinah said...

Love the paintings by Adam Lester - this is a great recommendation for kids in Brisbane. But I epecially love your son's work! He has an eye for detail.

Janna McCalley said...

Your boy has talent! We used to sit under the bridge in the summer and watch the cargo ships go by, so I especially love that painting.
Actually I DO have an old scale just like that, picked up from a yardsale-trade you for some wallpaper ok? :)

decoguy said...

wow i love how the house looks! what was you inspiration? and the bright hot pink couch, love it! where is that from?

Kristine said...

I love Adam Lester's work. Who else could make container ships look so pretty.

The House That A-M Built said...

I love that ship painting! So wonderful to see your little boy embrace his art! A-M xx


When I see white...I want white...but when I see color...well I get happy and I want it all around! Yes that suzani is breathtaking for sure!

Dylana Suarez said...

This is all so beautiful!



I love the colors and patterns. stunning

Ieva said...

I'm so glad there are people who live such colourful lifes!

kemples said...

lovely blog sweetie !!

A x